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  • Hario Resistant Decanter


    This heat-resistant decanter has hundreds of potential uses, but we've found it almost essential in the pour-over brewing method. Hario's versatile decanter can be used to measure, heat, pour coffee and water while using any of Hario's

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  • Hario V60 Paper Filters 100


    A pack of 100 Hario filters, designed for the cone-shaped 02 coffee drippers. These high quality filters assits you with brewing a clean cup of coffee. The filters large opening helps the brew go

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  • Hario V60 Range Server


    Designed to be used under a V60 drip cone, this 600 ml serving pitcher is made of thick heatproof glass. The sides are ridged to visually match the pour over

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  • Irish Morning


    A strong black tea with the taste of rum and a soft, sweet cream flavor. Its color combines that of the Irish national flag, white coconut shreds, with green wild strawberry leaves and orange-red

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  • Japan Genmaicha


    This specialty is made from Bancha tea, to which approximately 50% roasted or popped rice grains have been added. The incomparable taste is characterized by the mildness of the Bancha tea and is ideally complemented by pleasant, slightly

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